Hey there!

I'm Nurse Jessa.


I'm a Registered Nurse, health advocate and lifestyle coach with an insatiable passion for helping you get the health and life you want. 

Working as a nurse for nearly two decades, I've realized that health is hard.  Whether it be trying to navigate the endlessly complex healthcare system, to figuring out what "healthy" really is, everywhere you look there are challenges.

After completing my Master’s degree in Nursing, I realized that NO ONE has health figured out.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The more I learned about health and the healthcare system, the more distance I saw between people and their health. 


From my time working at the bedside in hospitals to being an executive in a boardroom, I realized that the complex healthcare system that we have today has been designed to keep beds full and money flowing.  

But what about you, the healthcare consumer?  Who was there helping you navigate this system?  Advocating for you?  Supporting and empowering you?  

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to serve you.  Whether it be through my free content or the other services I offer, I’ll do more than help you survive.  I’ll help you thrive and create the health and lifestyle you crave! 


Whether you're currently trying to help a hospitalized family member, feeling ‘stuck’ in the system yourself or just looking to learn more, I’m here for you.

There will be no gimmicks or ‘get healthy quick’ content here.


I keep it real.

Just like you, I’m not perfect.  I've made my fair share of mistakes and have had my own health challenges.  I can confidently say that I understand the struggle of feeling like your body is betraying you.


That said, I’m committed to being my very best and sharing that with you!  From everything that I am living and learning, I promise to keep it honest. 

Please don’t expect me to be prim and proper in my white lab coat.  Instead, do expect thought-provoking ideas, wisdom, humor and a good time.

If you believe in signs, consider this the sign you’ve been searching for.  If you feel confused, overwhelmed, weak or powerless, consider this a call to refocus.

The ability to have the health and life you’ve always wanted is here for the taking and it would be my pleasure to support and cheer you along on your journey. 

If you’re  looking for something, I hope you find it here.  I trust you were led you here for a reason.

Together, let’s find out why!

​With love,


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